Here we show you a quick tutorial on how to start fantasy football.

  • Step 1

Register an account at 

  • Step 2

Build your Squad and Start Playing

Once registered, you are now an FPL manger! Your destiny lies ahead!. FPL gives you a financial plan of £100.0m to spend on any player of your choise from all the participating up to a quota of 15 players. Your team should comprise of two goalkeepers, five defenders, five attackers and three midfielders. You must also pick your captain and vice captain.

What to do before a Gameweek?

A gameweek is any week where there are premier league games. As such prior to the deadline stated on the premier league website, you should endeavour to pick your starting lineup from your 15-man squad you built earlier on. Once the deadline passes, your team is locked-in and no changes can be made. You then earn points as the games are being played. Indeed points are given for  goals, assists, saves and clean sheets. Sometimes some players are awarded bonus points as well. Most importantly any point earned by the captain is doubled. In event that the captain does not feature, your vice captain will be used instead.

Leagues ( Private and Public )

This game can be played solo or with a group of friends. You have the option of either creating a league and inviting people to join you or you could as well join others and compete. The quota for private league is 20 while that of public league is unlimited.

Making Transfers

After the first gameweek and the subsequent ones to follow, you will be allowed only 1 free transfer per week. If you make more than 1 transfer, you incurr a dept of -4 points per extra transfer. You can get additional transfer from the previous week if you did not use it but not more than 1 un-used transfer.

In addition you have some cards you can play during the season.

Wildcard – This gives you a clean slate

Triple Captain – Points earned by your captain for that week is trippled 

Bench Boost – Usually points earned by your bench players are not taken into account. If you play this card the game considers points earned by the associated players

Free Hit – gives you a clean start like a wildcard but only for 1 week. In the next week your team goes back to how it was the previous week.

This is it guys. for more information you can visit the offical website of fantasy football or ask questions on our facebook page.



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