When it comes to fantasy premier league, we have learnt that price doesn’t translate to performance per se. As we saw last season popular and premium players like aguero weren’t so useful as compared to other years considering his hefty price tag every year. Indeed Aguero performed poorly making only 132 points in 2019/2020 as compared to his 2018/2019 where he made 201 points.

Without further ado lets discuss herein some of the most expensive players going into this new season. The price tags fall between 8 euros and 10.5 euros.

10. Richarlison de Andrade ( £ 8.0 )

Richarlison de Andrade is a player for Everton. He is one of the few players who always improves every year. He made his debut in the 2017/18 season with a total points of 125 and scoring 5 goals. In the 2018/19 season he improved this with a total of 153 points and 13 goals in total. Last season scored the same number of goals with a few more assists yielding a total of 165pts. With such a price tag, I say he is a must have premium striker to have in your team.

9. Raúl Jiménez ( £ 8.5 )

Raúl Jiménez made his debute in 2018/2019 with a total of 189 points. Incredible! and even improved this in 2019/20 where he netted a total of 17 goals! with total points of 194pts. At this prize range this lad is one of the must have players this season.

8. Danny Ings ( £ 8.5 )

Same price as Raul. This 8.5 euros player is an old lad who has been around since 2014/2015. Though missing out the entire season of 2016/2017, Danny Ings has been very valuable to Sotton. One of the top forwards last season netting a total of 22 goals! with a total of 198 points. Awesome. You should keep him in mind as well.

7. Alexandre Lacazette ( £ 8.5 )

Alexandre Lacazette is one of Arsenal’s fine strikers. Though Arsenal was poor last season, he still managed a total of 10 goals and 7 assists with a total of 118 points. Not bad!.

6. Anthony Martial ( £ 9.0 )

Anthony made his debut in 2015/16 with a total points of 141 and 11 goals. However his subsequent years were not good. Last season though, he was on fire after netting a total of 17 goals! and total points of 200pts.

5. Gabriel Fernando de Jesus ( £ 9.5 )

Gabriel Fernando de Jesus also had a great season last season which is not surprising considering the team he players for. Jesus netted a total of 14 goals despite the keen competition at Manchester City in regards to who leads their attacks. He amassed a total of 149 which is a big improvement from his previous season of 2018/2019 where he made only 79 points and 7 goals.

4. Roberto Firmino (£ 9.5 )

Firmino’s season in 2019/2020 wasn’t so impressive. which is understandable if you have players like Mane and Salah to share some of the shine. He made a total of 155pts and scored 9 goals. which is still not bad but rather expensive to have all year round in your team.

3. Sergio Agüero (£ 10.5 )

Sergio Aguero is an old player. He has been there since 2011/12. It appears old age is not a problem for him as he continues to surpass his previous years. Last season 2019/2020 he scored a total of 16goals! and total points of 132. Although very expensive he is one of the crucial players to consider. I mean who wouldn’t pick Kun!?

2. Harry Kane (£ 10.5 )

When it comes to goal scoring leave it to Harry Kane. This guy is just unstoppable. He recorded a total of 19 goals last season. Yup!. its gonna be a hard choice choosing knowing there is Aguero and Vardy!

1. Jamie Vardy (£ 10.5 )

Pave the way for the KING. Jamie is possibly the best forward in the game. Year after year, he keeps making the list of top 3 highest scoring players in the game. Here is a summary of his performance in his pervious seasons.

MP=Matches Played |GS= Goals Scored | A=Assists

Jamie Vardy is the only player who should be a constant player in your squad.

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